We start and acquire brands.


We’re a digital-native venture builder based in the cloud, 

with presences in London, Rome and Miami.

What drives us is to find the right solution at the right time in the right market

What is missing in a niche? What are people complaining about? Where an innovation could help address an issue?

Through a combination of digital marketing, manufacturing, global-scale logistics, and capital investment, we SELECT and CURATE the best in each field, to partner with them and provide the best outcome for our customers.

We initially bootstrap our ventures and then, only if truly needed, we look for external capital.

We aim to become the LVMH of digital-native brands!

Our brands span across many different fields, starting from nutraceuticals, to multimedia content studios, from functional foods to home decor and apparel, all the way to digital products. We love creating innovative health, beauty and fitness products from the ground up, as well as cool, urban accessories for the modern lifestyle.

With a startup mentality, a consumer heart and an artistic soul, we try to find a solution to those questions.

We are users, first, entrepreneurs, then.

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