We are MxS Brands/MxS Ventures

We start and acquire digital-native brands and internet businesses.


We’re a venture studio based in the cloud, 

with presences in London, central Europe and soon, the US.



Our focus is mainly on digital products/services/platforms,
e-commerce and consumer goods.

But we are active in many different areas, ranging from wellness to B2B SaaS.

We initially bootstrap our ventures and then, only if truly needed, we look for external capital.

Our brands span across many different fields, starting from nutraceuticals, to multimedia content studios, from functional foods to home decor and apparel, all the way to digital products. We love creating innovative health, beauty and fitness products from the ground up, as well as cool, urban accessories for the modern lifestyle.

With a startup mentality, a consumer heart and an artistic soul, we try to find a solution to those questions.

We are users, first, entrepreneurs, then.


A Remote Company

MxS is fully remote with no office, allowing our team to work anywhere in the world they choose. This enables us to attract and retain the best talent while giving our team the freedom to create a work environment that suits them best.

You’ll find us in coffee shops, home offices, or coworking spaces, working online together to sustainably grow our business. We believe the future of business is digital and working remotely gives us an unfair advantage in the marketplace.


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