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A global-innovative brand builder focused on delivering awesomeness

Welcome to our small but innovative house of brands, the brainchild of artist and entrepreneur Mattia Settimelli. We curate a diverse collection of cutting-edge products, each crafted with passion and purpose. From fashion to technology, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and pushing boundaries. Our brands are envisioned to optimize and ease major areas of modern humans lifestyle, from business to health to creativity and leisure. Discover the future of brands below.


The lines between these two areas are blurring everyday more, as more people work thr themselves and home become offices. One of our core focus is to enhance the lives of prosumers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and remoters with innovative products and services.

Health, Wellness, Beauty

These are the foundation of every human's existence. For entrepreneurs and business owners this area is even more important, as often overlooked and should be more balanced. We aim to help along the way with our products and initiatives, aimed at enhancing modern humans' lives.

Education, Technology, Entertainment

The last big column of the sacred triad of the basics of modern life. We live in a complex world, needing a higher level of inclusive education distribution, and using technology to amuse, entertain and forge the souls, minds, and generations of tomorrow.Harnessing our creativity and expertise, our process is a harmonious blend of research, ideation, and meticulous execution, ensuring each brand we craft is infused with authenticity, uniqueness, and strategic brilliance.

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