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A global brand and company builder focused on life sciences, health and wellness.

Welcome to our small but innovative house of brands, the brainchild of author, coach and entrepreneur Mattia Settimelli. We start, build and grow products and solutions aimed at solving today’s modern life problems and pains: aging, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance,  sleep troubles, energy, and feeling good. Overall, we focus on neuroscience, biohacking, wellness, health, fitness, motivation, personal development, nutrition, and active lifestyle. 

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We are often looking for co-founders and teammates for our projects. Usually, we don’t seek people with their own ideas, but to join our own missions and co-found new startups globally, sharing equity. We are not an incubator, nor an accelerator nor a fund, so we don’t proving funding to external startups. But as we’re connected with many startups ecosystem worldwide, when the time is right and the team is built, we can seek funding and advice from our network. Not for all projects, though: we’re a small boutique company and many projects are simply boostrapped until they become profitable or killed in the process. In this case it won’t be any funding event but still, we can build a successful brand. For resource-intensive projects, it’s probable we seek external support.

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