We’re a brand-builder in digital-native & DTC (Direct To Consumer) brands.

We start consumer brands.

Through a combination of digital marketing, manufacturing, logistics, and capital investment.

We initially bootstrap our ventures and then,  only if truly needed, we look for external capital.

Our brands span across many different fields, starting from skincare to multimedia content studios, from functional foods to home decor and apparel, all the way to digital products.

But all of our brands share one thing in common – technology at the heart and design thinking.

We love creating innovative and cool solutions for the modern lifestyle.


In each brand, we like to infuse our spirit of love, empathy, and coolness.

We are consumers, first, entrepreneurs, as a result.

We develop each new “ad-venture” following what our heart says it’s right, and what our brain suggests is missing in that specific category, field or market.

YOU are special.

We want to co-create with you. Selecting the best suppliers, material, ingredients, logistics, designers and everything in between.

That’s our mission.

The MxS Team