We are creating a unique destination for all our consumer brands. A place where you can learn, shop and connect with our creations.

Inspired by the awesome beauty company Deciem, we are building a multi-brand store, to host our existing physical brands and the ones we’ll create in the future. For all of them, we got the same underlying philosophy of sustainability, safeness, innovation, tolerance, and inclusivity. For a healthy wellness lifestyle

That’s why it makes perfect sense to aggregate them in the same place, suppressing their actually existing individual websites. It will be easier for us to connect with you and for you to connect with us and our brands. Our parent company MXS works relentlessly with exceptional co-founders to create new, incredible brands.

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Past Projects


Hyalux is a beauty and anti-age nutraceutical drink, with the highest concentration on the market of its awesome functional nutrients. We’ve sold it out on Amazon in 2019/2020 but the pandemic forced us to rethink our business model and supply chain, so we decided to pause this product and bring the brand behind it, Springceuticals, to another level, into another direction. We are thankful to our early customers who supported the brand, though. 

Past Projects