The New Hub of Brands

Despite being vertical agnostics and operating in different areas, from physical consumer goods to print-on-demand wall art and home decor stores, our new internal division is our main focus, now.

There’s no need to explain why, we live in a digital world,  more remote every day and everyday shaped by bits more than atoms.

We already operate through e-commerce for all our brands, but that’s only a channel, for some of them.

So, whilst we continue to create and produce all our other existing physical brands (and even launching new ones), we are investing more and more into everything’s digital: from companion apps to our physical brands to SaaS tools, web apps, mobile apps, widgets, plug-ins and more.

This pivot has started with our first acquisition of 3 web tools (Ranktools, TNT Streamunblocker and ProofPop) and with the launch of our deal site MATTLIST. Some new brand is a hybrid between physical and digital (IAM+) but we’re going to launch new digital products way more often, from now on.